I have attended 35 plus MSHA Refresher courses and was pleased with the complete professional process Jeff displayed before, during and after his class. I give Jeff an A+. I enjoyed all aspects of this Refresher course and could see that Jeff shows and has a passion for safety.

Michael B.

Stories and life experiences made it exciting.

Michael K.

I appreciated the warning before the gory pictures.

Rachael S.

Excellent presentation style. The use of humor was well placed throughout the class.

Greg H.

Excellent use of Power Point slides as well as class participation and hands-on training. 

Greg H.

Jeff- just a note of thanks, I was impressed with the MSHA refresher class. I not only enjoyed your real world approach to adult learning and expertise but I must say that I learned more in your 8 hour class than I did taking a 24 hour new miner class from another provider several years ago.

N. Weiss Associates Inc.
  • 8 Hour Refresher/Experienced Miner - Every Thursday

  • Three Day New Miner - Mondays Through Wednesdays

Everything was nice and clear. I appreciated the input of the instructor and involving the participants. It made the class go by pretty fast.

Abraham T.

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Your classes are great, nothing mundane about them. I like the emphasis on safety, makes me look at all things and approaches differently.

Jeff H.

Student Comments

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I have been doing EPA/OSHA/DOT training for almost 20 years through one of the state universities, another private training provider and my own company. Your passion for safety and the time, effort and enthusiasm you have put into your product is appreciated by those of us sitting in your class. I would recommend your training to anyone who needs to take MSHA classes. I will be attending and sending my employees to your certified first aid class in the next few months.

Norm Weiss

Principal Consultant

The pictures around the class and out in the lobby make you realize how massive mining equipment can be and why you need to think safety at all times. Great class!

Juan M.

It was a great class. The accident scenes caught my attention and made me think how fragile life can be if we are not thinking safety. The LED on the mannequins and the compression tension was extremely helpful in knowing true to life results when doing CPR.

Great pace, made the time go by quickly.

Bob B.